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Please note: The cut-off date for online renewals is the day before the due date. After this time, items cannot be renewed online and must be brought into the library.

Information about renewals

Most items may be renewed multiple times with the exception of recalled or "on hold" materials. You may choose either of the two methods below to renew items. If no one else has requested the material, then the item may be checked out again. Ramsey Library does not renew items by telephone. Online renewals not available for Interlibrary Loan materials.  Come to the Interlibrary Loan Office to request a renewal.

There are two methods available to renew your Ramsey Library materials:

1. Return the material to the Circulation Desk at Ramsey Library, and we will renew your items for you.


2. Renew your materials online:

  • Enter your name and ID number. For UNCA students, faculty, and staff, this is the number printed on your OneCard.
  • Once your name and links to your account appear, click the link displaying the number of "items currently checked out."

  • At this point you may "Renew All" or "Renew Selected Items."

  • The library system allows two online renewals. If you wish to renew more than twice, you must bring your materials into the library to be renewed.

  • Online renewal is a courtesy we offer for remote access users. Inability to access a computer, or an incomplete or failed attempt at online renewal does not exempt you from overdue charges that may accrue.

Last updated 20 January 2011. Comments to Noel Jones (nrjones@unca.edu), Circulation Supervisor.

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