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Kimmel Scholarly Communications Lab

The Kimmel Family Scholarly Communications Laboratory is Ramsey Library’s main teaching lab designed to support information literacy instruction and the library’s educational programs.  Located behind the Research & Technology Desk (in RL119), the lab is equipped with wireless internet access and laptop computers that allow for hands-on instruction in the use of the library's electronic and print resources.  Food and drink are prohibited in this lab, which is monitored and maintained at all times.

Information literacy and library education programming (course-related library resource instruction, development workshops, etc.) are priority commitments for the Kimmel Lab.  It is typically not available for scheduling by other campus departments or units.  Exceptions may be made at times when classes are not in session, such as summer, intersession, etc.  The Kimmel Lab laptop computers are for in-house use and do not leave the library.

Faculty wishing to schedule library resource instruction should contact their department's library subject specialist, or call the library Research Services desk (251-6111) for assistance.

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