Ramsey Library Policies

Electronic Resources Use Restrictions

Online resources linked to from the Ramsey Library Web site may be subject to use restrictions set by the database provider or publisher. Downloading excessive portions of a database is usually prohibited. Likewise, the downloading of entire issues or volumes of full-text periodicals from a database in a systematic fashion is usually prohibited. Individual database providers can and do monitor online activity. A violation of the database providerís terms and conditions can result in the cancellation of service for the entire University.

The electronic redistribution of information is another common restriction. Posting material retrieved or downloaded from an electronic database to an email listserv or personal Web page, for example, would be considered by most database providers and publishers to be a violation of the licensing agreement. Some database providers (e.g., Lexis-Nexis) also prohibit using their products for commercial purposes. More detailed information about individual terms and conditions can be found within the database or at the database providerís Web site. If you have any concerns about your intended use of a library resource, please check with the database provider or contact library@unca.edu.


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This page updated 12 March 2012